Los Algodones

Dr Jorge
For those of you that have never heard of Los Algodones, sit back as this could blow your mind. Imagine a Mexican border town with only 5,000 residents but 300 dentists. Yes, that’s right, 300. Pretty unique right? So how did this happen? It all started 40 years ago, when a small group of dentists decided to move there practice from nearby Mexicali city to Los Algodones. Why? Geographically speaking, Los Algodones is only minutes away from Yuma, AZ which is a major winter destination for thousands of American and Canadian snowbirds. Considering the high cost of dental treatments, Los Algodones seemed like the perfect place to get your dental, and it was. Since then, thousands of American and Canadians migrate south to pass the winter in the state of Arizona and find it very convenient to visit Los Algodones to get there quick fix. Slowly but surely, the word got out. Little did they knew, it was a gold mine. Los Algodones has everything you need for a quick day trip in Mexico: Easy access, high-qualified dentist, bars, pharmacies,sport books, you name it. Americans feel safe and in control when they visit this town. During the winter, it is very common to see thousands and thousands of Americans and Canadians just walking around doing some shopping and visiting there dentist. It is considered a medical tourism phenomenon. Because of it’s price/value reputation, clients just keep coming back. Most tourist walk across the border. If you prefer to be picked up in the US, we do offers complimentary ground transportation from Yuma. Just make sure to let us know when you wish to be picked up so we can arrange your visit.