Full mouth restoration

The term ‘Full Mouth Restoration’ is particularly used to clearly highlight the that the entire mouth...

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A dental crown is an artificial replacement that is placed to cover a missing or degenerative tooth...

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Dental Implants are metal post or frames that are surgically placed via your jawline to align your...

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In dentistry, a veneer is an artificial layer of material placed on top of a tooth, typically to make the...

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Los Algodones

With over 200 dental clinics in only a 2 mile radius, It’s hard to imagine a town like Los Algodones without seeing it yourself. In fact, most Mexicans have no idea it even exists. It’s growth and prosperity has been focused 100% on medical tourism coming from the United
States and Canada and boy what a success it has been. It has been proven that over 30,000 medical travelers will visit algodones every year and every year that number grows about 8% (source: ).

In early days of Los Algodones ( mid 1970’s ), patients that visited Los Algodones were very attracted by it’s price difference compared to US dental clinics. Now, most patients that visit Los Algodones come back because of it’s recognized quality and customer service experience. The price comparison still exists and will most likely continue to exist but the level of service and quality of work that is found in Los Algodones is comparable to anywhere else in the world ( source: )
Medical Travelers that visit Los Algodones also enjoy its numerous bars and restaurants found within the town. People feel safe, at home, relaxed, and welcomed. During the Winter months, its likely to find an event happening in Los Algodones almost every week. For more information about Los Algodones, please visit:

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