Meet Dr Jorge

Dr JorgeWith over 12 years of surgical experience and one of only 2 Harvard-specialized dentist in all North Mexico, Dr Jimenez is the most quality-guaranteed option you will find south of the border for your dental needs. His state of the art technology and FDA approved surgical material will match any US dental clinic but with savings of up to 80%. Dr Jimenez was born to a family of dentists from Guadalajara, Mexico. Early in his career, he decided to moved his expertise to Algodones Mexico strickly to assist the booming medical tourism industry in the area. Algodones is medical tourism’s best kept secret, a boder town of only 1,000 residents but with over 50,000 dental medical traveler patients per year and over 300 dentists. As Dr Jimenez states “Dentistry has been in my bloodline for generations, there is always something we can do to make sure you live the quality of life you deserve in regards to eating comfortably and your aesthetic appereance. Dr Jimenez is an honors student from UAG ( Universidad Autonoma of Guadalajara ) and currently performs 2-6 surgeries on a daily basis. He will gladly assist you with all your dental needs no matter how complicated or simple with a 5 year-satisfaction guarantee.