Dental crowns

A dental crown is an artificial replacement used to cover a missing or degenerative tooth. A dental crown can look, feel, and be used identical as a natural tooth. Materials such as gold, ceramic, porcelain, metal on porcelain, and zirconia are the most popular types of crowns. The crown, or crowns, when properly placed for the missing teeth area can visibly create positive results as well as physically by creating a firm grasp while chewing with no mobility to the gum line.

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Dental crowns can be used for protecting a weak tooth, restore an already injured tooth, ceil a dental implant, or create a more cosmetic appearance. Dental crowns can be a permanent solution to your orthodontist needs but it is important to understand the difference in the quality of the material that is available to you in Los Algodones 

Metal on Porcelain Dental Crowns

Metal on Porcelain crowns is one of the most popular types because of its lower price and strong grip. It is a reliable solution that has a visible satisfactory outcome. These crowns are strong enough to survive strong pressured bites without damaging your jawline and at the same
time an aesthetic result that very few can notice the artificial material in place. There are stronger and more aesthetic solutions but for those looking for a great quality vs. price value metal on porcelain is perhaps the best alternative.

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconium crowns is considered the ‘Top-Rated’ alternative for dental crowns. Not all clinics can offer Zirconia Crowns to its patients as it is required to have a specific software and material to create the artificial material. These types of dental crowns can take several days to be created and placed. Zirconium is a very strong substance that can support extreme wear and tear without causing any major damage. The look of a Zirconia crown is so close to natural teeth that a very small fraction of individuals will be able to notice the diffference. Zirconia is the American Society of Dentists most popular options for the best quality of aesthetics, cosmetic, and durability out of all Dental crown options available to the public. Zirconia crowns are usually more expensive than Metal on Porcelain because the material is considered stronger.

E-max Crowns

E-max crown is becoming a popular option but still not consider as popular as Metal fused with Porcelain or Zirconia. This option, is an all ceramic crown that illustrates a transparent color of whiteness made from a single block of lithium ceramics. Its material is very strong and durable and its appearance is considered the best match for your natural teeth. This type of crown is stronger than Zirconia and less likely to chip than any other material.

Step by step process for dental implants

1st Step: ( Book your dental evaluation ) via our website or call
2nd Step: Complete Medical Questionnaire sent to you via email
3rd Step: We will provide you with an estimate cost of your case. If you agree to proceed,
we will arrange for you to come for a visit for a complete dental diagnostic with our specialists
4th Step: Visit us at the clinic so we can physically evaluate your case and provide you a finalized treatment plan

When getting  Dental Crowns, a key factor is understanding the difference between materials available such as Zirconia vs Porcelien and understanding the difference in quality and cost. Our goal is to make sure you leave with that smile you’ve always wanted.

Package Price - $ 180 - $ 400 USD ( Per Crown )

Package Includes:
- Initial Screening
- Panoramic Xray
- Dental crown(s)
- Doctor fees
- Operating room fees
- Material used
- Ground transportation from Yuma AZ to Los Algodones

1) How do I know what Dental Crown is right for me?
2) How do I know if I need an Implant together with a crown or a bridge?
3) What do I do if I my dental crown chipped or broke after I got treatment at Baja Dental?
4) Are there any guarantees that the work will be done correctly?
5) How strong is the pain and how long will the recovery take place?

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