About the All on Four

Why the All on Four as an Alternative?

Any person who had their teeth removed could undoubtedly benefit from teeth replacements. The problem is those people who have been wearing false teeth for a number of years may not have enough bone volume to make such dental implants possible. In order to resolve such a situation it may be necessary to undergo time-consuming, painful and costly bone grafting procedures before it might be possible to do successful teeth implants. As an alternative, you may qualify for the Noble Biocare prosthesis also known as the "All on Four"

What dental patients should know?

Those patients who have little background regarding dental procedures will generally be in possession of the necessary knowledge which could allow them to recuperate more successfully after such treatment. In the majority of those cases, people who are well informed and who comply with those guidelines relating to dental procedures will recover a lot quickly than people who do not comply with such guidelines. An All on Four or an extensive Dental Implant treatment could be rather extensive and anesthetics. it may require that the does not consume any food for 12 hours before or after the procedure and should follow a liquid diet. The surgery can take a couple hours but patients do not need to be aware of any of it as General Anesthesia is available and recommended for these procedures.

Who could qualify for implants?

Many patients with insufficient bone volume have traditionally not been good candidates for dental implants. Due to this reason, the All-on-4 implant might be the best solution for you. The all-on-four offers the ability to place a lifelike prosthetic with just four implants to support a full-arch. This not only reduces recovery pain and stress compared to a full mouth restoration procedure, but it also gives the possibility of obtaining a complete smile in a single session.

How exactly are procedures done?

With the revolutionary All-on-4 procedure, four titanium implants are inserted in each jaw during a relatively simple procedure which requires minimum invasion. These implants serves as the foundation for the Malo clinic bridge which will then allow a set of permanent teeth to be affixed to the implants. Once this procedure is completed it is almost impossible to discern any difference between the implants and natural teeth. This technique has been found to be conducive to excellent bone health and it allows even people with a poor bone volume to be accommodated and without any bone transplants.

After surgery

The All-on-4 procedure has been reviewed by previous patients to have a 98% success rate which is significantly higher than any of the traditional procedures. The procedure does not take long to complete in fact no more than two hours maximum. Even people with diabetes and other health disorders could be accommodated. Full recovery can take several weeks post-surgery.

What patients should do after dental procedures?

Most dental procedures will involve some level of invasion because generally a tooth is removed or an abscess is treated which may leave an open wound. Therefore you may receive some medication for pain and possibly for inflammation. Patients should only take the medication which is been prescribed by the dental surgeon. They should inform Dr Jimenez if they are already on any other types of medication so that improvisations could be made. It is advisable that patients take it easy for a while and they should ensure that they are getting enough rest. If the recovery process does not proceed according to expectations and if such improvements does not occur, it is always better to contact us where necessary make a new appointment.