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Full mouth restoration

The term ‘Full Mouth Restoration’ is particularly used to clearly highlight the that the entire mouth...

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A dental crown is an artificial replacement that is placed to cover a missing or degenerative tooth...

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Dental Implants are metal post or frames that are surgically placed via your jawline to align your...

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In dentistry, a veneer is an artificial layer of material placed on top of a tooth, typically to make the...

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About All on Four Mexico

All on Four Mexico focuses on one thing & one thing only: Your Satisfaction. Regardless what your dental history, dental conditions, or limited budget is, we’ll find you a solution, guaranteed!
Our passion in difficult cases specialization & success makes us what we are. We’ll discuss everything we need to discuss. We’ll explain everything that needs to be explained, and we’ll listen.

We love our patient’s diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and stories. We won’t just fix dental needs, we’ll fix your entire lifestyle, with a beautiful smile, healthy teeth, within your budget as painless as possible.

Why are we the best? Several things. For starters we work exclusively with the best dentist in town. Yes, we said it! Dr Jorge Jimenez is the best dentist in town for a Full Mouth Restoration, hands down, no if’s or buts. His resume & recognitions speaks for itself, always focusing on your satisfaction. He’s very precise, understands minimal invasion & works extremely carefully for your faster recovery. He also comes from a Family of Dentists and if you have a dentist friend who comes from a family of dentist, you know what we’re talking about. Secondly, you can trust 100% all our products are FDA approved material-only, nothing but the best, no cutting corners. Our beautiful clinic is located in Los Algodones, Mexico giving you the easiest access in the Dental Capital of the World. You want quality, you’ll get quality. We’re the boutique clinic in Los Algodones that you can afford!

Our dental clinic features:

  • 8 Operating Theaters
  • Spa-like waiting room
  • Complete Imaging Center
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Recovery center for overnight stay
  • 1 min walk from US border entry (Los Algodones)
  • Concierge Service assistance (no extra cost)
  • Diagnostic Center
  • After surgery assistance
  • Licensed & Regulated Certified Dental Institution

All on Four Mexico guarantee’s you that every single All on Four, All on Six, or Full Mouth Restoration Dental procedure will be performed by the one & only: Jorge Jimenez MD. We are so confident in your final results that we are willing to offer you a 5-year Guarantee in all our products so you can ensure your results will go long & far! Don’t wait any longer to live with dental quality, contact us now. We’ll discuss your needs, understand your budget, and set a dental plan that you understand and will suit your needs! This is a decision you won’t regret!

  • World-Class Dentist
  • Harvard-Extended Studies Graduate
  • Painless procedures with Painless pricing
  • Shoulder to Shoulder Assistance from Start to Finish
  • Best dentist for All on Four in Mexico in Los Algodones
  • Highly-Experienced Board Certified Dentist
  • Quality Surgical Center
  • FDA-material practice
  • Affordable All on Four Surgery
  • Los Algodones’s quality gem
  • 5-year Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • American Operating Standards