The Revolutionary All on 4 Dental Implants

Getting Started with All on 4

Fill Out Form

Click on this link and it will take you to a very brief questionnaire that will make sure you are eligible for the all on four dental treatment.

Send Dental Report and Xrays

NOTE: On the area where it says: Take a picture of your dental x-ray and x-ray report and email it to: You can text it to (619) 247-6824. Please write that instead of what it says.

Confirm Appointment

Once Dr Jorge Jimenez team have reviewed your forms and images, they will provide a treatment plan and suggest a time to discuss that works best for you.

Book Transportation

Your pick up and drop off from designated airports, train stations, and bus stations are included in. Just let us know when you will arrive. See list of designated pick up spot below. Designated airports, train stations, and bus stations are included in your quote.

PAYMENT IS MADE AT THE CLINIC. You can either pay $8,444 all at once or $4,444 per visit over two visits

At The Clinic
Clinic Harvard trained Dr. Jimenez performs his All On Four Implant work in beautiful Los Algodones Mexico. The clinic is yards away from the border and only 15 minutes from Yuma, AZ (we can pick you up from here or anywhere within 120 miles). Once you arrive you will notice the clean beautiful clinic and the friendly staff. Clinic Dr Jiminez will great you and go over the technique for the all on four with you and then give you several options for anesthesia including total sedation. The cost of this is included in your treatment plan. If you decide to go for total sedation we recommend that you stay overnight in a hotel. The entire procedure takes 2-3 hours. Dr Jiminez is very serious about your comfort before, during and after your procedure. While he prefers a local sedative, he can make sure you are completely asleep for the surgery too. He will also provide you with medications to ease the minor discomfort you will feel for the next few days after the surgery.
After Surgery
While you can leave a couple of hours after surgery, we recommend you stay the night either in Mexico or across the border so that Dr Jiminez can see your healing the next day and book your return visit in 6 months. If you had sleep sedation, you MUST stay overnight. It is dangerous to travel after this. Dr Jiminez’s staff will go over your food options and diet for you to follow for two weeks before you can slowly transition to more normal eat habits.

Please note that All surgeries carry some rare risks which includes bleeding or infection. In the history of Dr Jiminez’ careerl there have been 0 cases of excessive bleeding or infections, however there have been two instances of reaction to anesthesia and surgery did not take place as a result (and thus no charge).

Meet Dr Jorge Jimenez

With over 12 years of surgical experience and one of only several Harvard-specialized dentist in all North Mexico, Dr Jimenez is a quality-guarantee option you will find south of the border for your dental needs. His clinic offers state of the art technology and FDA approved surgical material matching any US dental facility. Dr Jimenez was born to a family of dentists from Guadalajara Mexico whom together with his brothers decided to move to Los Algodones in the early 2000’s. The booming medical tourism industry in Los Algodones contributed to much of the success Dr Jimenez has encounter over the years. His clinic, Circle Dental Group, has been providing excellent customer service for over 8 years and are perfectly capable to perform any dental treatment no matter what the amount of work is required. Dr Jimenez is an honored student from UAG ( Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara ) and offers a 5-year satisfaction guarantee for all your dental needs.